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Before Pics

As a new kid on the block in food blogger circles I’ve learnt a few valuable lessons in a short space of time.  The last lesson I learnt is that people eat with their eyes first.  The pictures taken of the end product must be so good that the reader of your blog wants to eat the photograph.  I know absolutely nothing about photography but what I can say is I am always drawn to a picture that is brightly coloured and close-up with beautiful props.  I see these types of gorgeous images in all the blogs that I have befriended on twitter over the past couple of months and it reminds me that I have a lot to learn.  I have a circle of wonderful, experienced food mammas that are all very willing to help, teach and guide me, hence the subtle indication of my “not very good”  food shots.  I handled the signal with grace and decided that something needed to be done.

In order for me to shoot great images, I need to purchase this……..





And so the search began.  After much deliberation;   I have my heart set on a Nikon.

The hard work of upgrading all the current food shots on my blog will then begin.  I will recreate all the dishes in order to re-shoot them, upload the new pictures to replace the old ones.  I also have about 6 new entries that I haven’t bothered posting because of the picture quality.  The next couple of weeks are going to be really busy so this blog is going to take a back seat for the meantime.  As they say in the classics – This page is under maintenance, please be patient.


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