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Chilli Popper Cigars

My twitter friend Anel Potgieter graciously gave me the thumbs up when I asked her permission to post one of her recipes on my blog.   Besides all the other beautiful recipes on Anel’s website, this one grabbed me first because I too, just like my friend like hot and easy (*wink wink*). The combination of Jalapeno peppers and cheese is not uncommon in my kitchen.  A slice of the green tangy hotness draped over a slice of cheese often satisfied my craving for “burn”.  Did I mention that I go through a bottle or two of Tabasco sauce every week? Ok so I like hot stuff!

When I saw Anel’s Chilli Popper Cigar recipe, I knew I would love it.  Not only do I love the cheese and jalapeno combination, but I also have a bit of a fixation for all forms, shapes and sizes of pastry.

Anel is a Masterchef SA top 35 achiever.  She has a beautiful blog called Lifeisazoobiscuit.  Follow this link for more on Anel, her blog and her gorgeous recipes.  You can also go to Anel’s twitter page and follow her tweets


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