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Toffee Apples

Candied Apples also known as toffee apples outside of North America. They are whole apples covered in a hard toffee or sugar candy coating, with a stick inserted as a handle. These are a common treat at autumn festivals in Western culture in the Northern Hemisphere, such as Halloween and Guy Fawkes Night because these festivals fall in the wake of the annual apple harvest.
William W. Kolb invented the red candy apple. Kolb, a veteran Newark candy-maker, produced his first batch of candied apples in 1908. While experimenting in his candy shop with red cinnamon candy for the Christmas trade, he dipped some apples into the mixture and put them in the windows for display. He sold the whole first batch for 5 cents each and later sold thousands yearly.
Toffee apples were a big part of my life and other children’s lives growing up all over the world and I recon a huge part of most children’s lives even now.  What child does not enjoy a crunchy sweet, toffee coated treat?  Over time, this sweet ball of gorgeousness has become a huge favourite among many adults too……the ones without porcelaine crowns and dentures I guess 😉  When I saw Errieda du Toit’s beautiful recipe for Toffee Apple Camembert,  I felt like a 12 year old little girl again and decided  that I need to try these beautiful sweet treats for myself. The result was outstanding and the fact that Errieda used baby apples reminds me of shiney little bling bling bawbles that hang on your Christmas tree.  To try your hand at Toffee Apples, click HERE. You won’t be sorry!

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