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Roly Poly Pudding

When I started High School in the early 80’s (proud “flower power” child) it was compulsory for all the girls to take Home Economics.  It’s called Consumer Studies today.  It is a subject that teaches girls basic cooking skills combined with theory.  I’ve heard of one or two boys taking these classes too instead of the compulsory woodwork they were required to do.  Not sure how true this is as it didn’t happen in my High School.

The first skill we learnt in Home Economics was making a basic roux.  This was an expertise that I learnt very young and still benefit from today. It is the base of most of my cream style sauces.  The second dish I was taught was a warm, sweet pastry “pie” called a Roly Poly.  I remember testing the recipe on my family as soon as I learnt how to make it.  My mom especially loved it (she has a sweet tooth) so she would often asked for a “fix”.  I always jumped at the opportunity because of my love for baking.  Between the two of us we would devour the entire contents of the dish.  It is with great joy that I can share yet another of my childhood food memories with you.

250g Self raising flour
125g salted butter
30ml castor sugar
80ml water (approximately)
Smooth Apricot Jam

Syrup Sauce: – Melt in a small pot
250ml water
125ml castor sugar

Sift flour and rub in butter.  Add enough water to make a stiff dough.  Roll out into a rectangle shape and spread a thick layer of jam.  Roll up into a log and cut into thin discs.  Place discs into a greased casserole dish and pour over syrup.  Bake at 200 degrees for 40 minutes.  Serve with fresh cream or sour cream.


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