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Slow cooked Karoo Lamb

According to Dr Peter J. D’Adamo in his book “Eat Right for your Type”, I am The Hunter. This means that because of my “O” blood type, I am a meat-eater. I thrive on intense physical exercise and animal protein. I couldn’t agree more. My upbringing saw me being raised in typical Afrikaans fashion: vleis, rys en aartappels. Sunday afternoons were classic for roast leg of lamb with the accompaniments of rice, gravy, roast potatoes and vegetables. A customary vegetable in our home was pumpkin which my mom would make with sugar, butter and a sprinkle of nutmeg. She also made a lovely green bean and potato mix which I just loved with salt and white pepper. I have naturally continued this heritage with my own family. Almost all of our meals comprise of meat; red meat, white meat or fish. My favourite red meat is lamb.

I just love the flavour and tenderness and although much more expensive than other types of red meat, it’s worth every cent. The recipe that I am about to share with you is my take on a slow cooked Karoo lamb. There are very few ingredients that actually go into this dish so it might seem strange as to how it could possibly be tasty. Well the magic of flavour is in the lamb and the slow cooker. I am a free range girl so if you’re like me, make sure the packet of lamb is labelled “free range”. I’ve used green beans in my recipe, but you could use cabbage, carrots or whatever vegetables you wish.

2 packets lamb knuckles
1 packet of green beans (top and tailed and cut into 10cm pieces)
1 Onion
1Tbsp coriander
1Tbsp mustard powder
1tsp. paprika
1 cup red wine vinegar

Brown lamb knuckles in a heavy based pan with a bit of olive oil. Set aside once browned. In the same pan add a knob of butter and sauté onions, coriander, mustard powder and paprika. Once onions are transparent, add the cup of red wine vinegar and simmer for about 10 minutes. Place the lamb knuckles and red wine/onion mixture into a slow cooker. Add the green beans and season. Top up with a litre of water. I slow cooked my lamb for 12 hours and served with mashed potatoes. The result is a beautifully tender and very tasty dish.


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