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Spinach & Butternut Quinoa Salad

Quinoa (pronounced Keen-wa) is a pseudo-cereal and not a true cereal or grain.  It is actually a seed and can be prepared like whole grains such as rice or barley.  Of all the whole grains, quinoa has the highest protein content, so it’s perfect for vegetarians and vegans. Quinoa provides all 9 essential amino acids, making it a complete protein. It is a gluten-free and cholesterol-free whole grain, is kosher for Passover and is almost always organic

Quinoa is a perfect alternative to Couscous (which contains wheat and wheat contains gluten).  It can be prepared and used in the same way as you would Couscous.   Quinoa is available to purchase in most leading retail stores and Health Shops.

The great thing about Quinoa is that you can eat it on its own just tossed in a bit of Olive Oil, lemon juice and black pepper or you can add a variety of different vegetables and cheeses.  The list is endless.  It’s a wonderful meal on its own, and its filling, no wonder it is the staple diet of the Andes region and has been for the past 3000 years

My Recipe is simple and all you would need is the following:
1.5 cups of Quinoa (cooked as per instructions on package)
1 Small butternut, cooked and cubed
1 bunch of Spinach, steamed and cut up
2 discs of Feta cheese, cubed
1 stick of butter
2 garlic cloves
Maldon Salt and cracked black pepper
Juice of half a lemon

In a saucepan sauté the spinach and butternut in the butter and garlic.  Add the cubes of feta cheese and add the Quinoa once cooked, drained and rinsed.  Combine gently ensuring you don’t mash the butternut.  Add the salt and pepper and juice of lemon.


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