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Coffee & Amarula tart

Packed with the familiar sugary, creamy flavours of Amarula this tart is the perfect indulgence for those who enjoy something sweet after dinner. A fabulous little promo booklet from Moirs featured this easy recipe.  You will need:
2 packets Moir’s Coffee Dreams biscuits
75ml butter or margarine, melted
Crumble biscuits and add melted butter, mix and press into round pie dish.

250ml cream
500g creamed cottage cheese
397g condensed milk
10ml gelatine
45ml water
5ml coffee powder, dissolved in 15ml boiled water
30ml Amarula
200g baking chocolate
1 Flake chocolate, crumbled
Extra whipped cream, to decorate

Whip cream until stiff and fold in cottage cheese. Stir in condensed milk.
Sprinkle gelatine over water and melt over a container with boiling water until dissolved.
Mix coffee and Amarula. Stir gelatine mixture into cream mixture.
Mix well. Melt chocolate until smooth. Quickly mix into cream mixture. Spoon filling into prepared pie dish and allow to set in fridge overnight.
Decorate with Flake and extra whipped cream.


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