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National Cookie Swap

This year, Durban will be hosting her first of many National Cookie Swap events. A cookie swap is an event where a group of people (not exclusive to bloggers, cooks and foodies) get together to do exactly that: swap cookies. It is a fun event where people from Twitter and other social media platforms have an opportunity to meet, have a drink, mingle and go home with as many cookies as they came with.

Everyone brings 60 cookies or treats (can be choc clusters too, the idea is not complication but participation). You bake 2 trays of small cookies or 4 trays of normal sized cookies- et voila, 60 cookies. Cookies are swapped, sampled and taken home to enjoy with family. So you basically leave with 60 cookies, non of which are your own.

Cookie Swop is a charitable cause inspired by the annual New York Cookie Swop.  This year Cookie Swop will be supporting Khayelitsha Cookies which is an organization that empowers, educates and assists women in the community with employment within the business. All funds raised from ticket sales, the auction of sponsored prizes will go to KCC. This is what they say:

“We are in desperate need of funding as we don’t receive any funding from the government, and we need to relocate our factory to 1 large premise, as we currently have 3 separate premises in a business park.  What is also very important is that we purchase our staff new factory shoes, and chairs to sit on while producing.  So if I may ask that our aim is for our staff, to better their working conditions by enabling us to utilize the funds to purchase much needed factory shoes (at R250 per pair = R12 500) in total.  So whatever contribution we can get towards the shoes, every cent helps.  What is most important is creating awareness and educating people about who we are and what we are, so this is the most assistance you can give us, as this will enable us to grow our brand, and get people to go purchase the cookies in retail stores national soon”

This year the cookie swap will be held at 12 noon on 14 September at the following venues:

Cape Town:  Dear Me

Durban:   Mookie Noodles:

JHB, Moema’s:

Number of Participants: 30-40 per venue

The FB page is here:

and the event page:

For more information on this phenomenal event, please log on to the Cookie Swap Facebook page and like, like, like


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