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Good Food & Wine Show 2014

Another annual Good Food and Wine show hosted in Durban has come and gone. Each year seems to get bigger and better with new food “offerings” popping up on every corner. I was blown away by the interest and support of the locals at this year’s show even on the opening Friday which is the day I attended. Durban is proving to be right up there with other major “game players” in the ever popular and rapidly growing food industry.

The chief highlight for me was attending the live food shows with executive chefs demonstrating beautiful, tasty dishes that are easy enough to make at home. Among some of the chefs that I eyeballed in action were Chef Shaun Dampies from Granny Mouse in the Natal Midlands, Chef Jacqui Brown who is the owner, founder and editor in chief of Ginja magazine, Chef Andrew Draper from Harvey’s Restaurant in Umhlanga and the awesome, “laid-back” Aussie and Masterchef contestant, Hayden Quinn.

My taste adventure started off at the Sweet Treats booth where Chef Shaun Dampies demonstrated a Sago Pudding with a difference.  Orange zest was added to the sago which gave it a delicious citrusy flavor.
Sago Pudding
Chef Shaun placed the cooked sago onto an ordinary tile (very trendy) which he dressed up with Italian Meringue, crushed Oreos, macerated strawberries, chocolate mousse and micro herbs.

Chef Shaun also wowed his audience with a beautiful deconstructed Tiramisu using Boudoir Biscuits, Black Cherry Jam, Caramel treat (tinned) mixed with Cream Cheese to soften the sweetness, fresh basil, fresh mint, Oreo crumbs, Italian Meringue and chocolate liqueur.
Deconstructed Tiramisu

Chef Andrew introduced us to a all time comforter of pan fried chicken breasts drizzled with a deglazed honey and balsamic dressing. This dish was accompanied with a delicious roasted sweet potato, ginger, bok choy and coriander mash and cherry tomatoes.
Cucumber Cream and Chicken

Chef Jacqui made a mouth-watering seared tuna served on a bed of glass noodles. A definite “meal in a hurry” for people who don’t really feel like spending hours over the stove, and it’s so easy. A tip: When making the glass noodles, don’t boil them otherwise you’ll end up with mash. Place glass noodles in a heat proof bowl and pour a cup or two of boiling water over the noodles. Allow them to stand in the boiling water for about 5 minutes. Drain and plate.
Seared Tuna served on Glass Noodles

Chef Jacqui then made a dessert which I’ve attempted at home already. Not only is it easy but its by far the best, refreshing and decadent pudding I’ve ever had. The only cheat is that I bought my own vanilla ice-cream where as Jacqui made hers. Introducing pan seared pineapple pieces served with homemade caramel sauce and vanilla icecream.
Pineapple, caramel and vanilla icecream


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