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Chilled Cherry Soup

My friend Nicola from the blog challenged me to make a recipe from the magazine issued in July 1989.  I was 20 then which seems a lifetime ago.  I was definitely up for the challenge as cooking and baking is my thing.  I love spending time in the kitchen cooking for my family and trying out different recipes.  My challenge was to make a delicious dessert called a Chilled Cherry Soup.  It is so easy to make and the results are an amazing, fresh, delectable dessert.


You will need:
400g can red unpitted cherries, pitted 
75ml sweet sherry 
75ml brandy 
250ml sour cream 
125ml plain yoghurt 
60ml milk 
60ml iced water 
50g sugar 


In a bowl, soak cherries in sherry and brandy, one hour. Drain, reserve 25ml liquid. In a food processor, blend together reserved liquid, sour cream, yoghurt, milk and water. Blend in sugar and half the cherries. Stir in remaining cherries, reserving some for garnish. Refrigerate until ice cold. Pour into chilled soup bowls, garnish with cherries and mint.



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5 thoughts on “Chilled Cherry Soup

  1. It looks amazing!!!

  2. It looks so good!

  3. yummm this sounds like a great summer dessert

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