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Mothers Day with a twist 2015

The concept of Mothers Day with a Twist was adapted by Megan Deane from the blog Stuffed Feeling. The idea behind this thought is to honour moms who have passed on a knowledge and love of food or a special recipe to her daughter/s. This enjoyable event took root in the charming, picturesque, Tudor style complex which Megan calls home. IMG-20150502-WA0004 IMG-20150502-WA0006 Our gracious hostess invited 5 other food loving bloggers, namely Viveshni Joseph of Madame Macaron, Verushka Ramasami of Spice Goddess, Nicola Meyer of Run on Coffee, myself and Shirley Birko of Cuisine Durban. Each of us ladies had to bring along a dish that reminded her of her childhood or that her mom taught her as a little girl. The creations were truly special and mouthwatering. IMG-20150505-WA0008 Our starter which was made by our “lady in Red hostess” was the most delicious bacon stuffed jacket potatoes, jalapeno poppers as well as Greek style meatballs with a yoghurt dressing. Megan then made French style steak in a brown onion marinade served with mashed potato. IMG-20150505-WA0005 IMG-20150505-WA0004 Viveshni made a delicious lamb Biryani (my favourite) with a refreshing mint and yoghurt dressing on the side as well as a tomato and onion sambal. Verushka made a very tasty and spicy butter paneer which was a first for my taste buds. Because I love spicy food, it was right up my alley. A lovely savoury rice accompanied her dish. As I mentioned previously, Megan’s dish was French style steaks in brown onion marinade served with mashed potato. Again a first for me and definitely not the last. Its one of the dishes that I would like to try myself. IMG-20150505-WA0009 I made a Coronation Chicken salad which reminded me of an aunt of mine who would always have this salad at the ready when we visited or had a braai at her house. IMG-20150505-WA0000 Shirley made a Hungarian Crepe Cake (which she lovingly calls a Hungarian Crap Cake) that I was too full to sample and ended up in the bin. You need to read Shirley’s version of our Mothers Day Lunch to appreciate her contribution. Click HERE A very tasty Vegetable Lasagna was made by Nicola which I’ve already made for my family and which they loved. I will most definitely be making this dish again in the future. Nicola also made very pretty sugar biscuits as a gift for each lady. Beautifully wrapped and presented…….. that’s our Nicola! IMG-20150505-WA0002 Viveshni made a beautiful, rich, moist and delectable chocolate cake which I did get to sample and enjoy even though I was so full from the lunch. IMG-20150505-WA0006 Last but not least, a great childhood memory for me was learning to make a jam roly poly pudding when I started doing Home Economics (or Consumer Studies as its called today). I wasn’t particularly happy with my pudding this time round because I made it the night before and popped it in the fridge. Bad mistake. The pastry goes quite hard and the jam ends up setting. Re-heating does the pudding no justice at all. A roly poly must be eaten as soon as it comes out the oven. IMG-20150505-WA0007 IMG-20150505-WA0003 The pictures I took on my phone don’t give this lovely event and setting any glory, so I suggest you log on to Shirley’s website again HERE to view some really beautiful pictures of our stunning afternoon.
If you would like any of the recipes from our Mothers Day lunch, you can go to Megan’s blog, Stuffed Feeling and download the ones you like.


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