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#CoveredIsCool Photoshoot

We live in a society where the word “modesty” has no place in our day to day vocabulary. Young (and older) women are led to believe that less is more when it comes to dress code and that showing a lot of skin is beautiful and sexy. Unfortunately most young women have been brainwashed by the tabloids who have distorted the vision of true beauty. Those alluring glossy magazines that are in our faces everywhere teaching us that a true woman is rake thin and that she must show off her so called “curves”. Ummmmm rake thin women don’t have curves! I’m reminded of the “eye-catching” Guess Jeans adverts. The young, skinny model is wearing a pair of jeans and nothing else! Who wears just jeans? Yes I know it’s an advert, but for pity sake, put a shirt or t-shirt on the girl. See what I mean? Our vision of true beauty is totally fogged. You don’t have to be half naked to be beautiful.
This is the exact mentality that 5 of us Durban based bloggers (namely Faeema of Sparkling Labyrinth, Jane of GI Jane, Viveshni of Madame Macaron, Mbali of MisyMB and myself, Inge of Snap sizzle and cook) are trying to change. The brainchild of fellow bloggers and friends, Faeema Sader and Jane Killian who tirelessly arranged a photo shoot called #CoveredIsCool in order to show the public that women of all ages can still be beautiful and sexy by dressing modestly. And WOW, did we all look beautiful!


Faeema, Inge, Jane, Mbali and Viveshni

I take my hat off to both Faeema and Jane for putting this amazing photo shoot together so professionally and well organized. Within weeks they arranged the photographer, make-up artist, henna artist, clothing, accessories and of course the all important food and beverages which was supplied very graciously by Fatima (Faeema’s mom) who made sure we were well fed during the course of the day.
We all had our make-up professionally done by the lovely Shaista China Fab U Look who I actually wish could do my make-up every day. She is truly a make-up talent to be reckoned with.
After our make-up was done, we moved across to the “henna table” where another lovely soul by the name of Nindya Tricam hand painted our henna (also called Mehndi). Yes you heard correctly, hand painted. No stencils. Nindya is a true artist who has her own Henna studio in Durban.

My henna hand which is a bit distorted, but you get the idea

Once all of us bloggers were made beautiful, we dressed into our photo shoot clothing supplied by locals Rooi Rok Bokkie which was individually picked out for us. I wore a navy blue and white diamond print dress paired with gold sandals (supplied by Rooi Rok Bokkie) and black leggings. My headscarf (styled by Faeema) was a gorgeous cobalt blue which matched beautifully with my dress.  I wore a Stunning gold necklace supplied by Its a bling thing and my elegant orange clutch was supplied by Mielie Meisie.
At about 2:30pm we all proceeded to the Secret Garden on Durban’s beachfront where we met up with our photographer Jarred Nicholson and his assistant, Zuki. I immediately felt comfortable with Jay because he is so in touch with this industry, he knows exactly what he’s talking about. He’s familiar with all the moves and poses and talks you through everything as he clicks away. This young man is going places…….such talent!

Mbali and I

Mbali and I

Me and Viveshni and then me and Faeema

Me and Viveshni and then me and Faeema

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and give huge big thanks to Faeema and Jane for their talent and dedication and for including me in this memorable day.


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