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Editorial Policy

This blog concerns a personal journey with my passion for all types of food and baked goods.  All the recipes that are published on my blog have been personally tried and tested in my kitchen.  The recipes that are not my own but that I have shown an interest in, and that appear on my blog, are credited to the original source with a link to direct the reader to the authors web page.  If I have used a recipe from a recipe book where there is no online link, I have given credit to the recipe book and author.  Recipes that are not credited are my own creations or that have been passed down in my family.

All the food photographs are my own and have been taken with my Nikon D3100.

My blog will contain my own reviews of restuarants I’ve eaten at.  My opinions are not influenced by any individual, any magazine or newspaper but strictly my own personal experience.  I endeavour to write only positive reviews as I feel it is not my place as an amateur food blogger to slate any restuarant.

This blog is my property and is protected by Copyright laws under the site


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