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Sex and the City
Love it or hate it, Sex and the City introduced a whole new generation of cocktail drinkers (myself included) to the fabulous world of the cocktail. The Cosmopolitan was Carrie Bradshaw’s (played by Sarah Jessica Parker) drink of choice throughout much of the Show
Cosmopolitan 002 (476x317) copy
The Cosmopolitan’s history is somewhat uncertain.  Until recently it was thought to have originated during the 80s, perhaps based upon the Harpoon, a drink created to promote Ocean Spray juice during the 1960s.  Clearly this drink has come a long way and despite its up-to-date modern image today, the recipe follows the classic sour-family cocktail recipe of base spirit (vodka), sweetener (Cointreau) and sour (lime juice), with a bit of cranberry juice thrown in to add an extra bit of tartness and a nice pink color.
Cosmopolitan 001 (476x317) copy
Although pricey, I think it’s worth every cent to purchase a bottle of Cointreau to keep on hand for those refreshing cocktails such as Margaritas, Cosmopolitans and believe it or not cooking prawns.  But that’s a recipe for another day.
Cosmopolitan 004 (476x317) copy
Here’s my mix for a gorgeously refreshing and moreish Cosmopolitan
1 tot of Vodka
1 tot of Cointreau
Juice of 1 Lime
100% Cranberry juice

Mix the Vodka, Cointreau and lime juice together.  Pour into a Martini Glass and top up with ice cold cranberry juice.
Cosmopolitan 005 (476x317) copy



Mention the word coffee in our house and you’re on to a winning streak with my husband. He is the ultimate in coffee snobs and only consumes the best. We’re not speaking of instant coffee either, that would be a swear word in our house, we’re talking the real deal, fresh coffee beans. While we still lived in Cape Town we had a regular supply of freshly roasted beans which my husband would collect directly from the roastery. This particular bean became the “one and only” and no other bean could compete. When we moved to Durban we suddenly realised our worst nightmare, a life without good coffee. Needless to say, panic ensued. For a couple of months, we were not the same. Our mornings were bleak and lifeless, and even after sneaking out to our local Fego Caffe, Vida e Café or Mugg & Bean in a desperate attempt of getting a decent fix, nothing compared. Our love affair with the “one and only” seemed a distant past.
The fact that we’ve tried every single coffee brand in Durban would be an understatement. We’ve spent precious hours and rand’s over the past few months searching for a bean that would suffice an acceptable substitute for the one and only. Without mentioning names (because that wouldn’t be ethical) we’ve tried and tested most big brands from leading retail stores and have devised our own opinion that mass production for the coffee industry is just not conducive to the enjoyment of a fresh brewed cuppa. We’ve learnt that fresh coffee beans should be ground and consumed within two weeks of purchasing and we’re sticking to what we’ve learnt.
Just so you know, this is not all bad news; we are currently importing our “one and only” from a close source in Cape Town with the hope of one day stumbling upon our special bean in Durban. Mornings have rebounded, my husband and I have revived the joy and rediscovered the small pleasure we find in life by lying in bed at sunrise with our first cup of freshly brewed coffee.

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