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1-2-3 Hake

My mom will testify to the fact that I hated fish when I was growing up. I despised everything about it; the smell, the look and the taste. When we went grocery shopping I’d stand very far away from the seafood counter, in fact I’d wait in another isle till my mom was finished with her order. The “bizarreness” about my hatred for fish was that I developed a love for “bokkoms” at a very young age. Trips up the West Coast with my cousins was where I was introduced to this absolutely gorgeous salty sun dried little fish which is strung up in bunches and left to dry in the sun. Together with its potent fishy smell, the intact little “body” with head, eyeballs and all, and the fact that it was raw didn’t detract from the general feelings about my relationship with fish.

Bokkoms picture courtesy of Pelican Post Self Catering Accommodation. Click HERE to be redirected to their website.

As I grew older my tolerance for fish became less and less of an issue. As it stands now, I cannot live without it. I cook it at least once a week and when my family and I go out for dinner, I mostly order fish. Fresh fish as we know it is the preferable option so always head out for your local fish monger(most large supermarkets have in-house ones) and make sure that the fish they sell is certified sustainable seafood and approved by the Marine Stewardship Council (click for more information).
I have a recipe that was passed down from a friend that I absolutely love. It requires 3 – 4 ingredients and takes about 40 minutes to bake.

You will need
1 Tub Cream
1 Packet of White Onion soup
2 cups of peas (fresh or frozen) – optional
600g of fresh hake

Place the hake in a casserole dish. Sprinkle with a teaspoon of salt. Mix the onion soup, peas and cream together. Add a bit of milk if the mixture is too thick. Pour over the fish and bake in a pre-heated oven (180 degrees) for 40 minutes. Serve with rice or mashed potato or if you are eating Carb free, opt for salad.



Sweet Potato Salmon Fishcakes

This recipe like a lot of my other recipes is by trial and error.  The successful ones I blog and the flops I dare not even mention.   I’m sure my husband and son could write a series of books on the disasters.  Be that as it may, I love what I do and I love learning from my mistakes.  It’s all about experimenting and enjoying the process of trying different components and seeing how they work together.  The downside is that it can be costly.
001 (476x317) copy
You will need the following for these scrumptious fishcakes
600ml cooked Sweet potato
2 (213g) tins of John West Salmon (you can use fresh salmon too)
Small bunch of Parsley (finely chopped)
Half an onion (diced)
4 Tbsp Peanut Satay sauce
1 Egg plus 1 egg yolk
125ml Flour
Salt and pepper
002 (476x317) copy
Sweet potatoes naturally contain a lot of water, so rather roast them in the oven as opposed to boiling on the stove top.  Allow to cool when done and using a potato ricer, mash over a sieve so that most of the naturally stored water is drained.  Set aside.
Fry onion in a little olive oil till transparent.   In a large bowl, add all ingredients together and mix well.
003 (476x317) copy
Heat about a cup of canola oil in a heavy based frying pan.  Shape spoonful’s of the mixture into patties, dust in a little flour and fry until golden.  Enjoy with a squeeze of lemon juice and a lovely green salad.
005 (476x317) copy

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