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My Heritage Day (24 September)

For my non-South African followers, Heritage Day is a South African public holiday celebrated on 24 September. On this day, South Africans across the spectrum are encouraged to celebrate their culture and the diversity of their beliefs and traditions, in the wider context of a nation that belongs to all its people (read more here

My Heritage day started off very early.  My body clock does not know the difference between public holidays (sleeping late) and work days.

Like a large number of other South African (I’m sure), we planned to have a braai (barbeque) to celebrate our heritage (read more about braaing here

Because of my early start, I thought I’d get my side dishes done so that I could relax for the rest of the day.  It worked out pretty well as I had everything sorted by about 10:30 (like I said I had an early start – 5:30 to be precise).   I am generally a very organized person and don’t like to be busy after guests have arrived.   I decided to make a potato salad, mielies (corn on the cob), pea fitters (my favourite) and chocolate mousse tarts.  I invited my lovely sister-in-law who’s company I always enjoy as well as her friend whom I am very fond of.  We had a lovely afternoon, chatting up a storm and having a good couple of laughs.  I am a social junkie and just love entertaining, so my Heritage Day was very enjoyable and very special with family and friends.
Heritage Day
Getting back to the food, my potato salad is made a very traditional South African way and that is with equal amounts of condensed milk to mayonnaise just to give it a lovely sweetness as opposed to the tartness of just the mayonnaise.  I make my potato salad with boiled potatoes diced (6 potatoes), add a diced onion, one grated egg, seasoning,  125ml mayonnaise and 125ml condensed milk.  One word……..yummy!  You can change the consistency if you wish it to be less sweet. I grated another egg on top for garnishing.
Heritage Day
To make these delicious pea fritters, follow the recipe below which I got from the October 2012 issue of Food and home magazine (
250g frozen peas
125ml milk
2 large eggs
30g cornflour
200g cake flour
2.5ml baking powder
100g feta crumbled
30ml fresh mint, chopped
Salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste
Oil for frying

Boil the peas in a saucepan for 2 minutes. Refresh under cold water and drain. Puree half the peas in a food processor until smooth and set aside. Combine the milk, eggs, cornflour, flour, baking powder and pureed peas in a bowl. Add the remaining peas, feta, mint and seasoning. Mix gently. Heat the oil in a large non stick frying pan over medium heat. Add tablespoons of the mixture to the pan, frying in batches until golden. About 3 minutes on each side. Drain the fritters on a paper towel. Serve with crumbed mozzarella cheese and lots of fresh lemon and mint.

Mielies done on the braai

Mielies done on the braai

Heritage Day
I cheated slightly with my dessert because I used Moirs box mousse for the filling of my tarts.  Click here for the tart casings recipe.  Follow the box instructions for the Moirs mousse.  Once done, place the mousse into a piping bag and pipe gently around the tart casings. Top with a cherry and voila! Delicious!
Heritage Day


Crunchy Red Cabbage Salad

Crunchy Red Cabbage Salad

I recently attended an “Open Day” at Capsicum Culinery School in Durban. As part of Heritage/National Braai Day which took place on the 24th September 2012, one of the Chef’s shared his favourite salad with us. It is so delicious that it’s now one of my favourites too. I couldn’t quite remember the ingredients that went into the dressing that he demonstrated so I came up with my own which I thought was relevant to an almost “Asian” style salad.
You will need:
Half a head of red cabbage (shredded)
2 Carrots (Julienned)
4 Sprigs of spring onion (sliced)
1 small packet of sugar snap peas (sliced)
Handful of roughly chopped walnuts
125ml good quality balsamic vinegar
juice of 1 orange
Dash of soya sauce
Combine everything, including salad dressing ingredients into a large bowl and allow to “marinade” for about 30 minutes.

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